Casualty Service


Casualty Service

In any emergency, time is very crucial. Any delay in time or a simple mistake can cost the patients their life. Our emergency medicine and trauma care facilities are one of the most advanced in the region. They contain specialty care sections for emergencies. The department consists of professionals with specialized training and years of experience in dealing with medical emergencies, including acute illness and issues. The casualty is equipped with an advanced monitoring system and observation facilities. The Emergency Department has been designed to enhance every aspect of the patient-centered care experience. Our emergency and trauma care service is equipped to treat all medical and surgical emergencies, including chest pain, stroke, and other conditions.

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Modesta Poly Clinic is a multispecialty polyclinic situated in the heart of North Paravur. Started as an Orthopaedic clinic under Dr. Sajeev Kumar P K, who is a reputed Orthopaedic consultant.

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