The human brain is an incredible and extremely complex organ. It controls one’s mind and body, including the senses (hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste), thoughts, actions, emotions, speech, muscles, blood vessels, and organs. Put simply, our brain is what controls us, entirely.
So what happens when there is a problem in the functioning of one’s brain? Understandably, there will be problems in how it processes information, resulting in abnormal mood, behaviour, perception, and action. And such a condition, like any other illness, can be treated and managed efficiently.
Peace of mind is a boon; not available to everyone. Psychological well-being strengthens our ability to have healthy relationships, make good life choices and handle the ups and downs in life. The professionals with their expertise provide a detailed assessment of the person’s needs and difficulties, based on a plan for tailor-made treatment and support. Psychological problems also increase the likelihood that people will make poor behavioral and emotional choices which can contribute to medical ailments.

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Modesta Poly Clinic is a multispecialty polyclinic situated in the heart of North Paravur. Started as an Orthopaedic clinic under Dr. Sajeev Kumar P K, who is a reputed Orthopaedic consultant.

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