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We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all

General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine provides a broad range of services ...


This is a comprehensive orthopedic department covering all orthopedic...

Casualty Service

provides 24-hour services for all emergency cases which include...


In recent times, the diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat have been considered...


The human brain is an incredible and extremely complex organ...


The Department of Cardiology is a dedicated team of cardiologists..


The pediatrics department finely focuses on avoiding unnecessary medicines..... 


Being rapidly advancing, Neurosciences is the upcoming subspecialty...


Our Methods In Healing

Modesta polyclinic is well recognized for the adoption of state-of-the-art technology and the experienced team of doctors and technicians work round the clock to deliver the services. We place the interests and needs of our customers as the first priority.

Modesta Poly Clinic is a multispecialty polyclinic situated in the heart of North Paravur. Started as an Orthopaedic clinic under Dr. Sajeev Kumar P K, who is a reputed Orthopaedic consultant.

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